Renovate with Hart

Renovation Services

New home construction is heavily weighed down with many local government taxes, utility tap fees and over-priced land costs. Renovation projects normally bypass these inflated costs and are far less expensive than moving into a new home.

Whether you’re adding onto an existing home, renovating a kitchen or bath, changing the interior decor or adding a basement build out, Hart can do any renovation project over $50k that requires a licensed general contractor.

Cost Plus Program

  • The homeowner pays all costs associated with the construction of the renovation, plus a contractor’s fee.
  • A fully detailed cost estimate is prepared based on the known requirements of the project.
  • Homeowners will receive a biweekly full report of all expenses incurred.
  • A minimum builder’s fee applies to all costs incurred.
  • The project must be within a 15 mile radius of the Hart office.
  • The Hart “open-book” policy applies.
  • A minimum $5,000 expense reserve is required at all times.

Interior Design Services

Renovate with Hart

Interior design services are available with a contract to build. The interior selection service includes many specialized shopping trips to hand pick items directly from the manufacturer’s warehouses. In addition, clients receive special discounts exclusively reserved for Hart’s clientele.

Limited Turn-Key Program

The Homeowner is offered a lump sum contract amount, which is subject to readjustment in the event there are unforeseen factors out of Hart’s control that severely impact the overall building cost. These factors may include a significant increase in associated material costs, unknown site conditions or other unexpected situations.

  • Payments follow a percentage complete draw schedule.
  • A minimum builder’s fee is included.
  • All changed orders are subject to a 20% contractor’s fee.
  • The project must be within a 15 mile radius of Hart’s office.
  • Hart “closed-book” policy applies.
  • A minimum deposit is required throughout the construction period.
  • Per the drafting agreement, payments for plans are due at the time of service.