Chris Hart

In Loving Memory of Chris Hart

Chris Hart sadly passed away in January of 2019, but his legacy lives on in the homes he built and with the people whose lives he touched. He was a hard worker instrumental in molding Hart into the company it is today and was greatly admired in the community. Chris was also a loving husband, father, brother and son.

“There was never a task too dirty for Chris. He would always offer to jump in and do the job despite how nasty. The flood of 2010 is a testament to that statement. It will be very hard for me to pass by the 300+ projects we’ve done and not remember my brother and his hard work. Chris, you were the star of the show and you’ll be forever in my heart as that minion rushing to work every day 24/7 and always ready to please. Rest in Peace Chris, you have earned it.” – Michael Hart

Hart Pro

The Hart Approach

Hart-Pro’s specialty is building to accommodate your property, whereas each project may present unique construction and terrain challenges. The same applies to their major renovation projects in which true craftsmanship is a requirement for a harmonious result.

Unlike other companies in the business, Hart’s clients meet with the actual builder rather than a sales representative. The client meetings are conveniently hosted in the relaxing atmosphere of their corporate office and design center, which is located in the Cool Springs Mall area between Brentwood and Franklin.

Hart is not a volume builder and does not inventory land. They build only a few exceptional custom homes each year and may also choose to appropriate time to large renovation projects. However, Hart’s overall production capacity is intentionally limited in order to focus more attention on their clients and their selective projects.

Hart-Pro is truly a “hands-on” custom builder in every aspect of the design and construction process. The personal interaction on every project far surpasses that of their competition.

Hart on HGTV

Hart Enterprises was honored to have been selected and featured in a series of segments on HGTVPro’s Best Practices.  Best Practices is a visual showcase on the best techniques used by industry experts in building and remodeling quality homes. You can watch the segments on Youtube below.

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What Our Clients Say

Whether we are building a new home or remodeling an existing one, Hart Pro strives to exceed our client expectations.  The success of delivering on this commitment is measured by our reputation in the community and the testimonials we receive, some of which we’ve included below.

Dear Hart Enterprises,

A long time ago, in our mind’s eye, we envisioned a shower and a string of screened in windows on the first floor of our home with a ramp leading up to the front door. This was our idea of being able to “stay put” as we lived out our senior years.

What Hart Enterprises gave us was transformation of home and a renewal of spirit.

Our imagination could never have taken us to where you led the design and functionality of the house. For that we are so very grateful. The house is much more alive and so are we! We are also grateful for your professionalism mixed with a genuine openness and caring that makes us feel like part of your family.

“Mi casa, su casa” applies both literally and figuratively.

WHATEVER we can do to tell the world how great you are, please let us know.

Robert & Barbara Smith

My experience with the Hart team was one of the most pleasant experiences in my life. I was thrilled to be building a custom home, and the Hart team fit my needs perfectly. From the moment of the first meeting until I had keys in my hand, it was pleasant and professional.

The Hart team knows the building side of construction, the knowledge of their products, and the need to consider your budget. They know firsthand each subcontractor they use. I have been in my home for several years and continue to use those subcontractors to do work even now on my home. That also speaks volumes for the Hart team. They keep their employees and treat them with respect too.

I never had a fear of asking a question during the building process. I was treated with respect, and communication was always clear. Every meeting and any change orders were handled with care and the sincere concern that my needs were being met.

The quality of their craftsmanship and the integrity of who they are as people sets them on a platform that many custom builders cannot obtain. I personally not only built my home with them, but have gained lifelong friendships with their entire family. My doormat will always say, “Welcome” to the Hart family.

Margaret Horsley

I am writing this letter as a result of the deep appreciation I have for the efforts of the Hart Team in the construction of our home. I personally have framed this letter and insisted that it be hung in the Hart Enterprises office to help other prospective clients in their decision making.

I spent 3 years thoroughly researching countless builders in the Brentwood and Nashville areas by visiting homes through various stages of construction and speaking with homeowners. After all of my research, it was very clear that Hart stood above all others in the quality and value of their homes.

Having now gone through the process, I cannot say enough positive things about Michael and his team. He exceeded my expectations in every area of construction and in his communication thoughout the process. Michael and his family are honest, hard-working people that take great pride in what they do. They have the knowledge, expertise and experience to consistently build high quality homes. Hart Enterprises is synonymous with integrity, quality and value.

I am thankful and appreciative of the home they built and will surely enjoy it for many years to come. If you would like the same, go no further, Michael will do the same for you.

George H. Clayton, D.D.S., F.A.C.P.
Fellow, American College of Prosthodontists
Board Certified, American Board of Prosthodontics

Eighteen years ago, my wife and I decided to break ground for a brand-new house with Hart Homebuilders. With my wife in the middle of her medical training and a baby on the way, we could have only dreamed of the project to go through smoothly Well, here we are today, thinking about the day and reflecting upon it, it brings back pleasant memories and not only did we dream but it actually happened.

In 2009, with needs of our growing family, we decided to begin construction again and remodel the house. We are pleased to say that not only did we complete the project on time and under budget, but also it was done with the utmost quality and care.

Hart Homebuilders are honest; they watch your dollar from nail to roof and produce exceptional homes. Their attention to detail has saved us several thousands of dollars from yearly maintenance. The superior quality of a home built by Hart Homebuilders has been well-documented in resale of their homes in our subdivision and in the Brentwood area. Hart is right when they say home is at Hart Homebuilders.

Bill & Ann Walia

Think about the challenge of designing and building a home from 700 miles away and completing it from start to finish in approximately a year.

Not withstanding the engineering obstacles of building on the side of a hill, encountering boulders that impacted the foundation, and dealing with an Architectural Review Board, Hart Construction delivered the home of our dreams on time and within budget.

Michael Hart was not only the builder, but worked with us as the designer and, as we neared completion, Chris Hart applied his amazing skills at the outdoor patio, water feature and landscaping that far surpassed anything we could have imagined.

If we thought we had a problem, Michael or Chris promptly responded to our needs. We have had no major issues and even through the flood of 2010, not a single leak.

Hart Construction was and is just an absolute joy with whom to work.

Joe & Cindy Grosson

We spent 3 to 4 years working with other home designers and builders only to be frustrated with the floor plans and costs to build. If we had not called Michael Hart, our home building story could have turned out like so many of the horror stories told by our friends.

The prestigious location of our home in the Governors Club required us to find a topnotch builder. The persistence of a friend drove us to talk with the Harts. It was very difficult to think about starting over again after investing so much time and money. But, after the first meeting we knew we had found our builder. The Harts spent more quality time with us than any of the previous designers or builders and made themselves accessible 7 days a week.

The entire Hart family works very well together and treats each client as another member of the family. They have developed a system that works for them and their clients, from design to budgeting and purchasing and from on-site quality control to assistance with interior design selections. All the extra work they did enabled us to build our dream home in a much more cost-effective way. The Harts ultimately saved us thousands of dollars by shopping for the best prices and offering us alternative options. Each member of the family plays a vital role in all of these areas.

Bottom line, the Hart family built our dream home from concept to reality, on time and on budget. Quality construction was apparent at every stage of construction. The entire process went smoothly with daily communications. After completion, both Michael and Chris responded quickly to our requests for repairs and adjustments. Surprisingly, so many of the services the Harts performed were included in their base fee whereas other companies charge extra for the same services. The Harts have earned their A+ rating from the BBB with a lot of hard work.

If we were to build another home, there is no question as to who would be our builder. We would definitely use Hart Homebuilders again and again.

The Fitzhughs